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Harmony Hydro || Janesville, Wisconsin

If you have any questions at all, about what we do, or would like to sample our products, feel free to Contact Us and we will do our best to answer any of your questions. 

Harmony Hydroponic - Janesville Wisconsin.

My name is Chris, and my wife's Name is Kathy, We have been married for 15 years, and we have 2 awesome children. We are a local family right here in Janesville, Wisconsin. My wife and I own a 5 acre property, and we have always loved to grow things.

 We have started a Microgreen Farm, that is serving the fresh microgreen industry. Our whole family has a passion for growing fruits and vegetables on our property, so why not do what we love and make a living, right?

We grow and maintain everything right here on site, in Harmony Township.  The fresh products are grown and cared for meticulously, each and everyday, Then they are harvested and packaged on site. We deliver our products FREE of charge, if you live within a 15 mile radius of our location.

We are offering for the first growing season that we begin our operation, FREE DELIVERY within a 15 mile radius of Harmony Township, 

We grow all our microgrees in coco coir, and they are given filtered well water with a perfect ppm, and ph. They are not given any foreign chemicals whatsoever. If you are a chef, restaurant manager, or owner, and want your customers to be floored by the flavor that your higher end dishes can provide, then you must order Hydroponics.