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Harmony Hydro || What is 100% Pure Hydro?

100% Organic and Chemical Free!

Read about our process of providing you 100% Pure, Organic & Chemical Free Hydroponic Microgreens and Produce.  Micros are the latest in food growing, from local  organic, and chemical free food distributors Harmony Hydro is Janesville, Wisconsin's leading Organic, Pure, Chemical Free & Local food distributor. 

You can even grow your own Microgreens and Clean Produce right at home. Growing these greens are very simple, and packed with 40x the nutrition, why not try them? Why wait for months for the adult counterpart to mature?


Guaranteed Fresh Delivery!
We personally guarantee that your hydroponic microgreens will be fresh, as they are harvested the morning of delivery. If you would like your micros to be delivered alive, please let us know. 
The benefit of this, is that your product will be the freshest and most delicious, when you harvest and serve at your leisure. Not only are they fresh, delicious and packed full of nutrients, but it will add to your plate visually. Your dish will look and taste its absolute best. All you have to do is add some moisture to the root system.
We always recommend washing your greens as they are not washed prior to packaging. Washing micros prior to packaging substantially reduces the shelf life. 
Your greens have a shelf life of at least 10 days or more, depending on conditions and plant type.

Attention Chefs || Janesville Wisconsin

We are delighted to offer you a FREE sample of any of the Hydroponic Microgreens, that we are growing and have to offer. We are sure that you will order more because your customers will absolutely love them!

If you want to take advantage of this totally FREE offer, visit our order site and submit the form and indicate which micro you would like to sample. It really is just that simple. 

In addition to your FREE sample, we will also deliver your micros FREE of charge, as long as you live within 15 miles of our location, in the town of Harmony, in Janesville, Wisconsin. 

We make sure that your greens are 100% pure and hydroponically grown. We do not use any harsh chemicals when growing our greens. We use only the best Certified Organic seeds available from reputable dealers such as Mountain Valley Seed Company @ True Leaf Market.  We buy seeds in bulk lots and we know where the seeds came from and we have all the data on those seeds.  

All trays, tools and utensils are washed, rinsed and  sanitized before use. We soak seeds when needed,  in sanitizer. We use a solution of 1.5% food grade Hydrogen Peroxide. We use filtered well water that has a ph of between 5.5 and 6.0. When exposed to light this solution breaks down to Hydrogen and Oxygen and is completely food safe by the time it is harvested and eaten. It is totally safe even before it breaks down. 

The seeds are planted in trays and misted with sanitizer. They are inspected carefully each day while they germinate. Inspected several times a day for mold and any issues that may arise. They are fed only filtered well water with the same ph until roots are prevalent. When the plants take root and are taken out of black out several days after they are planted and monitored, they are bottom fed only. There is no need to feed the plants any type of fertilizer or nutrients, as the seeds have plenty of energy for the micros to grow until harvest 10-14 days from planting.

 If you are a local restaurant and want to order these wonderful greens, go to the order page and place your order. If we do not have what you are looking for, feel free to include what you would like to have grown, and we will grow, harvest, package and deliver you microgreens to you at your location. 

Simulating Natural Environments

Inside of our Hydroponic Microgreen Farm, we simulate stormy and windy conditions, along with a drop in temperature. We have exact control over heat, humidity and all other conditions. What this does for our plants is cause it to go into a different metabolic state. When this happens, we are simulating the conditions that it may experience when it is outside. This causes the plant to produce the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

If you live in Janesville, Wisconsin and want these healthy greens delivered to your restaurants, feel free to contact us. Harmony Hydro is a local Hydroponic Microgreen Farm, right here in Wisconsin. We even offer a FREE 2oz. Sample to you to try out our delicious products in your food dishes.