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Harmony Hydro || Radish Microgreens

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Radish microgreens are one of the most flavorful and popular microgreens to consume. Red Arrow Radish Microgreens provide a ton of flavor and crunchy texture to food. If you like Radish, you will love the micro.

Radish Microgreens taste like a radish bulb explosion in your palate. Radish microgreens taste more like the most flavorful bulb you have have ever had.

If you place an order for Micros and you live in Janesville, Wisconsin, you will get your order delivered at no cost to you, no matter the quantity.


Hydroponic Radish Microgreens

Red Arrow Radish microgreens are one of the easiest and quickest microgreens to grow. As such, they are an awesome variety for first time growers to sow, raise, and harvest. The seeds are easy to handle, they germinate quickly, grow like weeds, are easy to harvest, and provide ton of flavor and crunchy texture to food.

Eating Radish microgreens grow from seeds. Microgreens contain more nutrition than mature leaves, high antioxidant and vitamins even if in smaller quantities. The estimated time to harvest is 5-12 days and will have a strong radish flavor and slight crunch. These are a favorite of many restaurants and fine eateries.