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If you have a demand for a certain microgreen that we do not have, please let us know and we will grow, harvest, and deliver your product to you.



100% Pure & Clean Hydro

All of our microgreens are grown right here in Janesville, Wisconsin and they are completely free of any toxins. They are grown 100% Pure and free of any type of harsh chemicals, fertilizer, or even nutrients. The only other component that we use is filtered well water with a ph balance of between 5.0/6.0.

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Fresh Microgreens

Your order will be delivered fresh and harvested the morning of your delivery.
If you would like, we could deliver your product while it is still alive and can be harvested fresh when needed.

Free Local Delivery
We will deliver your microgreens to your location for FREE!
Microgreen Farm
Located in Harmony township in Janesville, Wisconsin. Your local Microgreen farmer.

Besides the AWESOME health benefits that Microgreens have to offer. They taste wonderful in dishes, salads, shakes and a ton of other uses. These plants pack up to 40 times what the adult plants have to offer for nutrients. An excellent source of MicroNutrients, that your body desperately needs to survive and maintain health.

  • These things are a superfood.
  • They taste so good. They all have different fresh, crunchy flavors.
  • You seriously could start a business anywhere and serve your local shops.
  • They taste great, super healthy, and you can make money doing it as a business.

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Depending on which green is your favorite, the flavors and nutrients are unparalleled by any other fresh green on the planet. Add it to your cuisine, salads, and dishes. You can juice these amazing plants and add a punch to your shakes.

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