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How to - Hydroponic Greens

Hydroponic Microgreens are vegetable greens  that are harvested just after the cotyledon leaves have developed. They are purchased by chefs and people focused on nutrition and flavor everywhere food is appreciated. They are the latest craze for flavor and aesthetics in Fine eateries throughout the world. They can help justify the  premium prices and cost of your dishes.

They are highly valued, primarily in fine dining restaurants, and eateries throughout the health and flavor conscious consumers. They are usually harvested within 10 - 14 days or so... depending on the species of plant. They are absolutely packed with nutrition, sometimes up to 40% more then what the adult plant offers. 

Plus, you have to wait months instead of days to eat.

Micro-nutrients are one of the major groups of nutrients your body needs in order to be healthy and maintain all around health. They include vitamins and minerals. Vitamins are necessary for energy production, immune function, blood clotting and other functions. Meanwhile, minerals play a very important role in overall growth, bone health, fluid balance and several other bodily processes that one must maintaiin. The most desiireabel microgreen available is Radish Greens.

Sunfower microgreens are the single most popular green that people enjoy growing at home.

Black Oil Sunflower


100% Clean & Organic. Your greens have no chemicals whatsoever!

Pure Hydro Process


Hydroponic Microgreens can cost up to $50/lb in Fine Restaurants.

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Microgreens Everyday?

You have specific greens that have certain health, as well as flavor components. They can be used in a wide variety of dishes, salads, sandwiches, or literally a million other uses.


    Sunflower greens are the most popular and in demand.  They are an excellent addition to any sub, or sandwich. They are used widely in many dishes, salads,  and as  toppings.


    Red Arrow Radishes must be ordered each week. A personal favorite with a very high demand. Why wait for adult radish in your dishes, when micros are way better.


    Speckled Peas are essential building blocks for health, fitness, and overall well-being. Sprouting Pea Micros are widely used in juicing as they are rich in fiber.


Grow Microgreens in Your Kitchen

Order your Hydroponic Microgreens seeds and have them grow in your house. Your crop will be ready within a week maybe 2, depending on which green you choose.


Hydroponic Micro Nutrients

When growing produce hydroponically, you must be very careful to add the correct ingredient, in the correct measure. You must add them in the correct sequence as well, so as to avoid nutrient lockout. FloraMicro Nutrients are always first. Then FloraGrow, followed by FloraBloom. You must never add these nutrients together in the concentrated form.

In order to have a successful crop and grow the absolute best microgreens & produce that you can, you must feed your plants with the correct nutrients. It is kind of like a science, and it is a learning curve depending on where you live and the environment, and what your growing.

By using different combinations of these products, you can fulfill each plant's exact nutrient needs based on its growth stage and environment. Your plants will receive the ideal balance of the needed primary, secondary and micro-nutrients. This will produce vigorous plants, large flowers, enhanced yields and nutrient-dense crops.

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General Hydroponics - Beefsteak Heirloom Tomatoes.

Our Signature Beefsteak Heirlooms are grown all year around. They grow in our temperature, and humidity controlled Hydroponic Micro Farm

We have chefs that love these big delicious beauties, and there may be a wait list in order to have them delivered for FREE.

These will be available to our local chefs, and restaurant managers by the pound.

Hydroponic Microgreens

Hydroponic Microgreens

Microgreens are simple to grow, very low maintenance, and grow very quickly, kind of like a weed. But, they are super tasty. These micros are up to 40% more dense with Micro-nutrients then their adult counterparts. Why are more restaurants using these in their dishes/

 Radish microgreens are very low maintenance, grow very fast,, and they are super delicious. Many people are now buying a simple grow kit and growing them on their counter-tops. They take up little to no space and are well worth the time. We absolutely need to be growing at least some of our own food!

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